Award Design® is the Registered Tradeark of Trigon International Inc., a complete one-stop Promotional Products Distributor located in Calgary, Alberta. We were founded in 2001 have over 10 years of specialty Advertising experience behind us.

If you are planning a special event, be it a Annual General Meeting, Product Announcement, Employee Recognition Program, or Awards Program, feel free to contact us to draw on our experience to come up with some great ideas which would be highly suitable.

Our reputation is dependent on providing excellent customer service and a fantastic mix of original promotional products from reputable manufacturers in both Canada and the United States and invoice in the appropriate currency.

We are knowledgeable and bring you the highest quality promotional merchandise at the best prices, to make your job easier. We Welcome your inquiries and look forward to serving you.

Please note: We have a minimum order requirement of $500 on custom products.


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